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I was born a storyteller. I love writing of all kinds, whether it's creative for books and TV shows, technical, journalistic or marketing. Every person and product has a story to tell and people who need to hear it. I’ve spent over fifteen years working as a writer, producer, content strategist, journalist, gameplay/narrative designer, and technical delivery manager using my skills to help companies tell their story to the right people in the right places.


Twitter, Facebook, youtube, websites, mobile apps and the like are simply mediums through which to tell a great story. The landscape is constantly changing. Technology continues to evolve, and people are drawn to the next big thing. To help market my clients’ products, I’ve had to keep up with these changes and continue to evolve my approach to marketing and brand storytelling. That’s why content is king. A story that connects to its audience is the story people are willing to spend their time listening to. 

Shoot me a note. I'd love to tell your story. 


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