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The Weinstein Company

Michael Myers Rampage Game

The Weinstein Company needed a way to generate awareness in anticipation of the release of a Halloween reboot in partnership with Rob Zombie. We pitched a game idea that was pretty risky - allow the audience to play as Michael Myers, butcher knife in hand, storming through a house and stabbing people to death. Such a bloody and violent game was bound to get some backlash, but we took the risk anyway. The result? Exactly the opposite. The game was met with rave reviews, including a glowing review from CHUD


"There have been a lot of Flash games created to promote one movie or another, and we’ve brought you plenty of links to them in the past, but I don’t think any of them have been as much fun as the Michael Myers Rampage game..." -Devin Faraci 

CONTRIBUTIONS: concepting, gameplay design, producing, writing

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